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September 7th, 2007

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  1. Hi there,

    how have you been? Hope all is well. I was so tied up with work and did not write you in a while. Someone sent me the following link. You may want to add it to your video collection.

    Take care

    PS: thank you for the picture stories from Cheffee.

    Comment by Eresso — 3. April 2008 @ 23:53

  2. Dear Eresso yewenze lij. How are you doing? Nice to hear from you. I know how busy you are. But good to know that you are still connected. The link you sent me is very good and I have added it to the video forum.

    Glad to know that you liked the picture stories from Cheffee. That place has great charm of it’s own.

    Comment by Lissan Magazine — 4. April 2008 @ 10:47

  3. Greetings, I am not sure if this is the right forum for what I am about to say . We just opened an Ethiopian art Gallery in Atlanta,GA a month and half ago. The only Ethiopian Art Gallery in atlanta. If you think its news worthy I like to hear from you. I like very much your on line magazin and its stories.
    Thank you

    Comment by Anteneh Girma — 12. December 2009 @ 20:22

  4. Hi Lissan’och, Melkam Yegena Beal yehunelachehu!!

    Comment by Kokebe — 7. January 2010 @ 19:00

  5. Please post the resent works

    Comment by Teshome Berhanu Kemal — 20. March 2012 @ 10:35

  6. Baga Hunda keessanuu ayaana qilleetiin isin gahe .
    Iwish to all Ethiopian people x-mass festivety.

    Comment by Habtamu bekele wake — 18. December 2012 @ 06:33

  7. Galati ate geyo Habtamu. The same to you Bro!!!!

    Comment by Lissan Magazine — 9. January 2013 @ 15:55

  8. Pls help us

    Comment by Helo lesanoch endet nachehu ebakachu laschegrachhu agoten afalgugn germen hager new menorew demstu ketfa 3amet alfew yenur yemut meregaw yelnem letmihert ke ethiopia kewota 10 amet hunotal ebakachhu erduen kibret mengestu bayable felgulegn beyanes lenatu — 25. July 2013 @ 22:23

  9. Dear brother Admassu Mamo,
    I have always enjoyed your site for its comprehensive coverage of topics Ethiopian. I am wondering what happened that it was discontinued. Report for duty immediately! :)

    Comment by Mitiku — 3. October 2015 @ 16:50

  10. Hello, I stumbled on to your webpage, I like it.

    Comment by Lakech — 8. March 2016 @ 03:01

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