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January 17th, 2008

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Artist Said Mohammed 1957 - 2006

1957 born in Dessie, √Ąthiopien

1978 immigrated to Germany

1991 his first exhibition (many to follow)

2006 died in Berlin where he build an Ethiopian village under the motto of “Mesob” in the center of the city and exhibited for over a year.

Have you ever heard about Said? No?
The only reason for that would most probably be that Said was a hard-working artist with no spare time to deal with the thought of making himself famous. Said’s communication medium was his art work.

2005, Said building his village in Berlin. (photo:

I met Said in 2001 in Frankfurt. After a fiend of mine introduced us we ended up discussing about his works. Said’s usual topic was his art. That time he has already found his working title “Mesob” and Mesob was like his universe. It was reflected in all his sculptures, wood carvings, and paintings. “In our country people gather around Mesob….” he said. “…Mesob is a symbol of unity, peace and togetherness.”

Said had no limitation of technique to present his point of view around his topic Mesob. As he was still living in Darmstadt near Frankfurt he saw old and dead trees in the town’s public park. He went to the municipality to ask for permission to use those trees for his art. He managed to convince the authority because it was actually a better idea to turn dead trees in to an artwork and making the park more attractive for the public.

2005, Said building his village in Berlin. (photo:

Said spent after that working on those old trees turning them in to huge and amazing sculptures. He did that without using supporting machines. The town Darmstadt has received this priceless present gratefully and Said has earned a certain respect from the authority and from those who saw him sweating and working daily on those trees using his old unmotorized tools.

2005, Said’s village in downtown Berlin. (photo:

…to be continued.”

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