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January 10th, 2008

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Likewise closely associated with Eugen Mittwoch was Belattengeta Heruy Walda Sellase, one of the most distinguished Ethiopians of his day and one of the founders of modern Amharic literature; he died in exile 1938 in England. Few men have exercised such an important influence over their people through their scholastic, moral and poetic writings. He is included here because his lengthy stay in Germany in 1923 led to a very fruitful collaboration with Eugen Mittwoch.

Belattengeta Heruy Walda Sellase (1878 - 1939)

Eugen Mittwoch: “With Belatta Heruy I was able to work together for a few hours a day over a period of several weeks… He readily complied with my studies, for which he showed a lively interests”. In the course of this work they discussed the important question of the pronunciation of Ge’ez in present-day Ethiopia - a question which, in Europe, had until then remained fully unanswered; later a scholarly analysis was published.

Booklet: “Three Hundred Years of Ethiopian-German Academic Collaboration.”
Author: Eike Haberland (1924 - 1992)
1986. 39 pages, EUR 5,—. ISBN 3-515-04766-2
Frobenius Institute
Johann Wolfgang Goethe University
Frankfurt, Germany

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