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December 23rd, 2007

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Like Hiob Ludolf, Eduard Rüppell was from Frankfurt, and he too was all-round scholar, although he was far stronger as a scientist - as an astronomer, zoologist, botanist and geographer. In his home town, Frankfurt, he rendered great services to the Senckenberg Museum - one of the most important scientific museums in Germany - and to the Senckenberg Society of Natural Sciences from which it was born. Many of his expeditions were undertaken with a commission from this society, and his great collections are a precious possession of the museum today.

Eduard Rüppell (1794 - 1884)

After lengthy visits to Egypt, the Sudan (Nubia and Kordofan) and Arabia, he undertook a grand research tour of northern Ethiopia, lasting from 1830 to 1834, during which he investigated in particular the fauna and flora of Eritrea, Semen and central Begemedr. Rüppell’s interests, however, were very wide, and he also concerned himself with the culture and history of Ethiopia.

Of decisive importance for him was his meeting and friendship with Liq Atqum, the famous judge and scholar in Gondar, much of whose knowledge Rüppell incorporated into his works. In his book on Ethiopia Eduard Rüppell created for Liq Atqum a most remarkable memorial.

Booklet: “Three Hundred Years of Ethiopian-German Academic Collaboration.”
Author: Eike Haberland
1986. 39 pages, EUR 5,—. ISBN 3-515-04766-2
Frobenius Institute
Johann Wolfgang Goethe University
Frankfurt, Germany

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