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October 21st, 2012

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Tsunami of dazzling Ladies in Town
by Beza Kassahun

Have you noticed the tsunami of the dazzling ladies in town these days? Is it like an ordain for a mother lately to give birth to something not less than pretty? May be I am exaggerating it a bit more, fact be told am sure am not the only one having this observation. Somewhere out there at least there is that one person who shares my thoughts. Prior to writing this article; in need of juicy details I had the privilege to converse the issue with few residents of Addis, most of them of course men. More often than not in my view there is this somehow unrealistic conviction that women tend to be envious of one other. I myself am a woman, and I would rather not be biased and tend to take sides on this assumption; but as far as my knowledge goes and my life experience teaches me; there sure is a tendency of jealousy among women but that does not mean it works for all; and may be that is why I chose not to direct my research towards women.

From what I seem to discover from my research, year after year there have been a mounting number of fine-looking young ladies on the streets of Addis. The way they dress, act and talk have been changing gradually from what our parents refer as ‘the old days’. Sure beauty is skin deep and it lies on the eyes of the beholder, but may be in this scenario all things being equal what if most of the people out there share almost more or less the same perception of the matter at hand; which is the ladies these days are just spectacular.

In all honesty, what would I do “If I were a boy in this situation?” this question has been mingling in my head for a while now. The choice is too vast, the ratio of women exceeds men and the desperation as to whom am I going to date or who is going to date me grows accordingly. Not pushing the age much further former to tying the knot matters for the ladies more than it does for the guys. Her time is her beauty the years whereby she shines the most and the moment she calls her own.

Well amongst all these beauties left and right it is for the man to choose for his own even though the willingness to accept relies on women as well. That is when the bewilderment lies I hope. I still cannot give adequate reason as to why all of a sudden there are unexplainable beautiful ladies out there, but all I know is looks can be deceiving, and it all fades with time what really matters when it comes to marriage is what is inside of your spouse that keeps your marriage tied up for as long as you both shall live. And by no means am I sending out the notion that strikingly amazing women do not have an awesome personality. We all have our own flaws regardless of how we look on the outside, communication trespass the physical attraction and so does personality more than looks. Let’s just put our ducks in a raw and prioritize what is more important to life; your life! I am aware of the fact that am talking about something you might already know, your choice is your own, make sure it is the right one; no one lives your life much better than you do!

Beza Kassahun
September, 2011

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  1. What’s the point of this article? What’s is message it try to pass on! To let us know there are more beautiful women’s on the streets of Addis Ababa than before (before as in 20′ 30, 40 or 50 years ago)…gee let me guess! Is it because we are in 2013!!! For example, lets compare the looks of movie stars in Hollywood from 60’s to days. Our (worldwide) living standard has as dramatically improved over the pass 10 to 15 to years that is true everywhere. What remained the same is that Ethiopian girls have pretty face but no fucking brain.

    Comment by Adam — 23. September 2013 @ 06:05

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