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April 20th, 2012

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An all-rounder, who excels in football, rugby as well as in the gym. A young man who is looking to attain that same level, with the challenge of boxing.


He shares the same hero of the ring, as you and I; who began because of that bike. Jamal Williams time between the ropes has began, due to the chance of education. With it has come new possibilities. Five months into a three-year Boxing and Education scholarship, he’s decided he’d like to be a boxing coach. New dream, alongside that of living through music. A fan of soul and bashment, who writes what he raps, building his own rhythms as well.

But boxing has definitely given him an additional boost. A regular and punctual attender, at the time-tabled sessions. Making me think, that there should be more scholarships like this on offer – nationwide. More experiments in education.

Jamal deserves this opportunity. I can see him as a boxing coach. For he has the desired combination - of general popularity, as well as sports excellence. A lover of sports, who will pass that passion on, in his role of instructor. Pointing other young sportsmen, along the road to potential fulfilled.

I look forward to the day, when Jamal, now aged seventeen, gets the chance to share his joy of sport; as the respected , inspirational, Coach Williams.

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