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February 13th, 2012

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As the summer approaches, bringing with it the Olympics Games; we who love table tennis, look forward to observing the expertise of the Chinese – their on-going, pin-pong supremacy.


In the meantime, we continue to marvel at the skills of Fabian Audifferen. This young man rightly deserves the nickname ”Champion”; defeating all-comers - youth of all ages and adults too. Regularly winning the C.D.I.table tennis tournaments, which are open to any young person, who walks through the door.

This fourteen year old, who is working towards G.C.S.E. awards in Maths and French, is a pupil at Wheatley Park School. The school has outdoor table tennis tables, so he gets to indulge his passion on a daily basis, during the times of break and lunch.

Further to this, he has become a member of the Kidlington club, which plays in the Oxfordshire table tennis league. Playing against adults as well as youth. He’s obviously thriving, on the coaching received at the club

I’ve noticed his willingness to advise and assist the novices, especially the younger ones. Happy in victory, he is also a good loser, on the rare occasions that he doesn’t win.

Propelled by his passion for ping-pong, it is a real highlight to see this young man at the table; his skills in full flow, a wonder to watch.

Until the coming of Zhang Jike, the current world champion to the Olympic Games; we in the Oxford area, will find pleasure, in watching the brilliance of Fabian Audifferen.

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