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February 7th, 2012

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A Talk with Zacc

Confessing my low aptitude for the mysteries of mathematics, I’m always impressed by those who have a passion for it. One such person is Zacchaeus Hyde-Thomas, a.k.a. Zacc. Where I get tangled up in logarithms, he has the know how, to unravel all the enigmas.


With this capacity for numbers and formulas, he is taking A’ Levels in Economics and Maths, as well as a BTEC in Sports. After his sixth form time at the Oxford Spires Academy, he hopes to study to be an accountant.

During a recent conversation with him, it was thrilling to hear him express a certain desire; that following the qualification award and relevant experience, he would like to put a few hours aside each week, to use his expertise, in the service of a local project. Helping with the annual budgeting and the bids for funding. Or in the educational area, giving much needed numeracy support. Helping to light the way, from the dark room of incomprehension.

It warms the heart always, when young people make positive decisions about their neighbourhood, as well as themselves.

So it was really uplifting to talk with Zacc the other day. To listen to his dreams, and his confident stride towards them.

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  1. I agree with Natty it is something to celebrate when our young people make such a positive step towards giving something back to their own community. Well done Zacc you are one of our manny futures bright SPARKS.

    Comment by dolcie.obhiozele — 2. March 2012 @ 16:44

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