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January 29th, 2012

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Review of “UPRISING”
Simeon Brown

I went with the leys CDI to see the stage show “UPRSING” by Alex Wheatle on the 21st October 2011, at the playhouse in oxford. This was to celebrate black history month and also promote his book.


He told the story made it funny and sung during the scenes. One thing I found really funny was when he talked about getting with a girl then finding that her dad was the head of the church and he would have no chance with her.

The show was about the Brixton riots in 1981 and how his life changed after being a part of the riots and getting caught, and the time he spent in jail with a Rastaman whom encouraged him to read and helped him turn his life around. One quote stuck in my mind was “Don’t mess with the Rasta”. I liked the fact that the show was something that had a meaning to the story and I could benefit from the moral of the story. I disliked the fact that we missed the start of the show, but I can guess the start was about him introducing himself and what his show was about. I thought that when he did the scenes in the jail there could have been jail scenery as other shows have curtains that draw back between scenes.

After the show he did a question and answer session, My friend asked if he still stays in touch with the Rasta man and he replied yes and he sends him his books.

The group I was with were lucky enough to be allowed on stage with him and have our photo taken.

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