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January 11th, 2012

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I have learned that ……
By: Summra Akale
6th grade Duluth Middle, GA U.S.A

We kids of this nation
Don’t just sit on the couch looking bored
Get up and stand up
Let us use our mind
And write our imagination
To create new ideas for the whole world
That changes things forever
Let history talk about our creativity and pride

Kids of the World!
We can be old or young
Our imagination never let us down
Like famous composer, Bach
He was a child prodigy
He changed music like nobody else

Kids of the World!
We just can’t stand and watch
Letting adults accomplish new ideas
Making decisions on the behalf of us
Let us get involved and help one another
Until the whole world be amazed by us

Kids of the World!
Start with one idea that has an effect on you
Beyond preventing air, water pollution
Trips to space easier and faster
To prevent man made disasters
Bullying each other
Destroying the human race
Diminishing natural habitats
To prevail our imagination

Kids of the World!
See what I mean,
Kids have a far-fetched imagination than adults
That is why we have to change this earth
To show adults that we have a voice
Share your secrets with your parents, love ones
Like the face book creators

Kids of the World!
It is an important lesson learned
Every time a new idea flows
Having faith and believing in your self
A likely chance your dream may come true
Like myself, writing a book and becoming an author

Kids of the World!
It is never too late, to set your mind to it
So be determined and get involved
Dream up, brainstorm your ideas
While your family or love ones supports you,
Through out your goals
So be unexpected
And let your mind achieve it
Always stay focus
Trust your instinct
Share your theory with family, loves ones
To avoid tragedy
Take my word, if it makes sense to you
I assure you, that we kids are hope to the universe

By: Summra Akale
6th grade Duluth Middle, GA U.S.A

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  1. Dear Summra,

    Considering your age and grade it’s amazing how creative and imaginative you are. The construction of your poems along with the message packed words will definitely inspire kids of your age and beyond to follow their passion and do something to make a difference in a world we live in. I’ve also no doubt parents will find your poems (along with your published book) very motivational and encourage them to get involved early on. Keep on writing. You’ve the potential to make a difference and I’ll see a bright future ahead of you.


    Comment by Bekele Gebriel — 12. January 2012 @ 16:43

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