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April 17th, 2011

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Song of the Barefoot Man
to the Karanga of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwean 31st Independence Anniversary Celebrations. To Christine Chambers also, for her guidance through the African School O.Y. P. A. accreditation process.

It is time to remove my shoes again, to make the sacred journey. Drought is upon us, so I must go again to Matonjeni Shrine. I go to represent my people; to intercede for the Karanga. We are a group within the Shona. I go to plea for rain. I go without food or water.

Ascending the hill, reverance controlling my every movement. I place my offerings, donated by the villagers. Then kneeling, facing away from the entrance of the cave. I ask the Creator, who we call Mwari, to remember us and bless us with rain. I am the messenger, titled Manyusa. I am the Ambassador of Rain. Because we dream of corn and yearn for sadza.

We have been builders of state and empire. Great Zimbabwe, Mwenemutapa; the Rozvi state of Changamire Dombo. But still I must go with unshod feet, to the hills we call Matobo. I am the chosen one, the message-bearer. So there will be pumpkin and also cucumber. I go to speak of rain. The delegate of drought, sent by the Karanga.

©Natty Mark Samuels, 2011.

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