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April 17th, 2011

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Summra, 11 years old, wrote a book with a title “Espionage Teens” as she was 10. The book is recently published. We want to thank Summra that she shared her story with Lissan readers. Above all, we want to encourage her to keep on following her dreams and her literary talent.

Summra’s message
I’m 11 years old student of Elizabeth Lane Elementary School in Charlotte, NC. I want to encourage children by staying at school and to start working on what they want to be.

“The dictionary is one of the key ingredients of your knowledge”.


I wrote a fiction book called, “Espionage Teens” when I was 10 years old and published in February 2011.

“Like the fish’s bubbles in the water, ideas are popped up in the children’s mind”.

I’m dedicating this book to those children who do have a talent and don’t get a chance like me and to put and share their ideas in their own way. To all readers, especially my friends (children of the world) who read this book: we have the talent and skill to express in our own way and share ideas and take charge of our future by avoiding drugs, alcohol and adult films and controlling the time we spend in video games.

I wrote a book because I wanted children to know that no matter what you want to be, achieve your goal and don’t let people’s idea’s let you down but follow your dreams.


Summra Akale
April 16, 2011


  1. Gobez, Berchi, Proud of you
    God Bless

    Comment by Tayech — 22. April 2011 @ 22:34

  2. Very motivating and inspiring. Kids like Liz are gifted.

    Comment by Glennda Mirabete — 3. June 2011 @ 08:09

  3. Love it and Thank You. Iam teaching fifth grade in Taylor and have shown my students to inspire them. I have one with great possibilities. Hope all is well with you and your faimily. Love ms McGuire

    Comment by Marcee mcguire — 12. October 2012 @ 02:14

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