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March 1st, 2011

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Ethiopian songs, theaters. books, and paintings usually send messages full of melancholy, tragedy and sadness. Love songs express the ultimate suffering of the involved pair. Singing about bleeding hearts, broken bones, tormented bodies and lost minds are traditionally the best way to show how genuine that particular love is. By listening, reading and seeing our work of art, one would mistakenly categorize us as the most traumatized, humorless and sad population.

Fortunately, the reality is completely the other way around. Though I have no clue why our music, literature and art products did not succeed to transmit our jovial side, the reality shows that we all have naturally ironical and humorous way of expressing our misfortunes when it is over. If our misfortunes did not completely destroy us, they most probably end up being hilarious jokes that we never tired of reciting for the rest of our lives. I am sure, laughing at our past and present hardships is the best medicine that helped us to endure many hardships that occurred in our society for the past endless years. Yes, the story of our hardship is endless. That also means that we have endless gushing streams of humor-loaded stories.

This video was recorded some years ago in Addis. We were sitting in the good old café of Cinema Ambassador. Ambassador café has not lost its old flair even though it visibly became old and shabby. Actually, the right place to rewind and travel through past memories.  I laughed on that day the way I hadn’t for a long long time.

Most of the stories were told by Moni. He is always so funny that his way of telling stories makes one think that Moni could be a great stand-up comedian if he were somewhere else where talents like his be appreciated and paid for.

In this video, Moni is telling us a story on how he and his friend spontaneously attended a funeral ceremony on their way home. For they were too hungry to walk on and for they had no money in their pockets, they thought that joining the funeral ceremony would be the easiest way to have a quick meal. As they assumed, they had a nice meal for sure. But they haven’t predicted what the consequence would be, when the others in that tent get aware of two complete strangers who were only there to fill their bellies but not to pay respect for the departed….

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