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February 13th, 2011

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A Man of Quiet Strength

Excuse me, I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation just now. You were talking of heroes like Martin Luther King and Desmond Tutu. But I never heard you mention the man Abune Petros.

You spoke of iconic clerics, who had put their lives on the line for what they believed in; their beautiful implementation. And as you know, my new-found friend, some lost their lives. One such was Abune Petros.

A brilliant teacher who became an inspirational bishop. He had followers and friends far and wide. High official who never lost his humility. The fascists mistook his gentleness for weakness. So initially, they did not realise the great strength he possessed. They tried to break his solidity. When they could not, they murdered him.

Abuna Petros went to his death the same way he had lived: humility and dignity intertwined; a man of quiet strength.

©Natty Mark Samuels, 2011.

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