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October 11th, 2010

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Ethiopians Open First Black Owned Environmental Laboratory in US
By: Yodit Negede

At the heart of the Ethiopian experience in America is the belief that hard work and determination can ultimately lead to success. This determination to succeed is consistently put to the test with the many challenges that come with life in the United States. Navigating a new social system, maneuvering the workplace, and raising children in this new environment are not the least of the concerns that are often discussed over coffee or dinner. The tightly woven communal fabric of Ethiopians in America gives the comfort of a lending ear to our concerns but often provides little warmth of any greater understanding of our condition. With over 80% of Ethiopians in America today, having immigrated after the year 2000, not enough time has elapsed for the masses to maximize their potential within this society. We constantly persist towards success and are encouraged by the successes of others within the community who have reached notable positions across the nation. Encouragement could come in no greater form than in the establishment of Geoscope Environmental Laboratories. After coming to the United States of America in 1972, Ato Negede Gedamu and Woyzero Alemnesh Abebe established a company that has inspired many young Ethiopian scientists and entrepreneurs alike.


Founded in 2006, Geoscope Environmental Laboratories (GEL) is the First State Certified Black Owned Environmental Laboratory in the United States of America and is solely owned and operated by Ethiopians. Located in Salisbury, Maryland, GEL currently monitor’s the drinking water quality for the City of Salisbury’s nearly 30,000 residents while steadily supporting other state and local government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, engineering firms, real estate companies, individual home owners and local business. GEL performs testing of portable water, surface water, groundwater, wastewater, soil, solid waste and various pharmaceutical products. Traditional Ethiopian values of hard work, respect and hospitality are visible in the company’s dedication to professional integrity, reliability and customer service that have brought GEL praise from the Department of Commerce, local municipalities and private sector businesses. Geoscope Environmental Laboratories has, over the past 5 years, been established as among one of the most well respected and reliable certified laboratories in the State of Maryland.

Ato Negede Gedamu and Woyzero Alemnesh Abebe have made history in both the Ethiopian and American communities. Having been in the United State for over 30 years, they are an inspiration to the hundreds of Ethiopian men and women that flood the streets from Washington, DC to Los Angeles, CA, with the hopes of obtaining a degree and working in a field that they love and enjoy. Ato Negede and Woyzero Alemnesh have held their faith, family and culture in high esteem and encourage Ethiopian youth to do the same. They have made their lives and work a monument to traditional Ethiopian values and resiliency. When asked what words of wisdom they would like to endow the next generation of Ethiopians that are striving for success in America, they reply “The only way to be successful in this or any country is to first know who you are and never let anyone take that from you. Resiliency is the hallmark of Ethiopia and the legacy of Ethiopians.”

For more information about Geoscope Environmental Laboratories e-mail or call (410)334-6496.

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