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March 3rd, 2010

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An Ethiopian Children’s Book
Written by: Fitsame Teffera, Meron Feleke and Fikirte Addis

An initiative mail from author Fitsame Teferra reached us about two months ago in which she asked us if we would like to read and give our comment on her new children’s book. Shortly after we expressed our enthusiasm, she sent us a copy of the book as she promised.

The cover of “Abeba Goes to Bed”

The first positive impression of the book was the result of it’s colourful appearance and an image of a cute smiling kid bidding good night to all of us. Though I was still not confronted with her story, I couldn’t help expressing my first reaction by wishing Abeba a beautiful night full of happy dreams.

“Abeba Goes to Bed” is a story about a small kid who is bidding good night to each member of her huge family before she goes to bed. The story is written in four languages simultaneously: Amharic, English, German and French.

Firstly, I enjoyed reading the book because it reminded me of the typical childhood most of us had back home. And secondly, I enjoyed reading it to my three years old daughter because I saw from her shining eyes, how she liked the story. “Abeba Goes to Bed” was written with simple and understandable manner. Most of Ethiopian readers will surely be reminded of their own childhood: a childhood that was part of a big family filled with many family members of different generations. This book helps us to transmit essential social values to our children.

I want to recommend “Abeba Goes to Bed” to all parents, who want to show and teach their kids about the lifestyle of modern Ethiopian family which is still deeply attached to the older traditions.

This book is also recommendable for foreigners who have adopted children from Ethiopia.  It will be a great help for them to show their adoptive children the tradition of their birth place in simple and visual way.

Please contact the author if you want to know more:

ISBN 13 :9780979627170


  1. Ich kenne Fitsame Persönlich und kann nur sagen, eine ganz tolle Frau, die weis was sie will.

    Comment by E. Schmidt — 28. March 2010 @ 17:03

  2. Dear author,
    I stumbled across this book at Bole airport and got it for dear friends when they had a baby girl, also called Abeba. We all love the book and enjoy it. great work! I want to know are there more of such books? does the author have a sequal ?…perhaps “Abeba goes to school”?

    Comment by dinucha — 13. September 2011 @ 03:00

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