December 7th, 2009

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Two days ago we had a small article with a link to a blogpost based on a racist comment about Ethiopia and Ethiopians written by a Swedish doctor who is doing a group-biking tour through Africa. We were forced to delete the article because the woman (name: ANNA ADIELSSON) have erased the blogpost after her site was raided by critical comments from many Ethiopians and other concerned individuals. Now, fortunately, we got an information from an Ethiopian friend from Sweden who was smart enough to save the content of the message of this woman before it was deleted and put it in her site. You can read below the original content of the blog and some of the comments which we have taken directly from


RACISM: “MISERY” IN ETHIOPIA – a racist edcuated swedish doctor´s view of contemprary Ethiopia


This post is written by an educated Swedish doctor ANNA ADIELSSON. 2009 she spend at least 8000 Euros to cycle from Egypt all the way through Africa to South Africa. In many of her blogpost she portrays a very distrubing view of “Africa” but it´s the way she describes her MISERY in Ethiopia where pour racism emerges which is uncomfortable to hear from a contemporary doctor. This post, originally in Swedish, has now been limited to views on her blog but here we are republishing it. Keep in mind that Anna herself says that she do not regret any word or opinions she has written now when she is back in Sweden and can flush down her shit with 4 liter of drinkable water as if it were a human right…

Here goes her comment….

The journey through Ethiopia is starting to resemble a military survival training more than anything else. Nothing is working and we are constantly exposed to new trials, including mental and physical terror of the local population. On the road, it feels like we literally are in a war zone, given all the abuse and attacks we face. Only yesterday, I was repeatedly spat on, both with pure (?) Saliva as full mouths with water, whipped with cords, hard-hitting with sticks over butt, back, legs and arms, stoned high and low, beaten with palms and fists , streamer over the buttocks and thighs, and attempts to collapse nudge ning of the cycle. In addition to this we are constantly subjected to taunts, insults, mocking laughter, and interestingly enough, even unpleasant calls to give money. It has now gone so far that most of us in total have lost all respect for the indigenous population. Not least, any form of sympathy and empathy that has ever existed, completely disappeared. As dirty and unpleasant young adults screaming, “You, you, you, give money, money” on the most aggressive way possible, we scream back, if the situation permits, “Get a job you lazy bastard,” “I rather burn my money than give it you “or” I hope you starve to death “.

This behavior is probably not easy to understand when you’re sitting at home orderly. After the last few weeks on a daily basis and constantly being subjected to the above abuses, however, has a deep and sincere hatred turned up in me, which I thought I was able to feel for any living being, let alone for something that at least during this century, in theory, considered to belong to human nature. In practice, however, there are precious few similarities. In urban Ethiopians are possibly slightly more well tempered, but absent in rural areas, it is complete anarchy that exists and I feel all the time that my personal safety is threatened. Without a doubt we are exposed female cyclists for their violence and abuse in a significantly greater extent. Cowardly bastards who they are. Once we stop or try to defend ourselves, flees to save the bunnies out of the bush.

I have therefore begun to armed me with a handful of stones as soon as I can see a horde of kids from a distance, to the slightest provocation with all my strength to throw them into the group and then ride away as fast as I can. Cycling has really been of secondary importance in these war-like conditions, where each day’s journey is about having so small wounds as possible to enter the next camp. It now remains only four days in this cycle godforsaken country and we sincerely hope that no one in the group will have time to come to serious injury, before we leave for good people to their fate. We all agree on that no Western aid can ever serve this beggerparadis the long term. Should they ever get straight to the misery in which they live, they need their own power to reverse the trend and masa their lazy asses up off the ground and begin to make an effort. As one of South Africans on the trip noted, is not a racist before you start traveling through Africa, it will be guaranteed as it comes to understanding how they act and behave!

Unfortunately I do not have much positive to pass this time either. I guess we are in a true African experience, but I’m getting more and more doubts about whether this really is something for me.
Sure, I can understand that all roads can not be first-asphalt, but their fucking dirt roads is of course a joke with all the rocks and holes that make the almost impossible to travel on.

Sure, I can understand that water can be scarce, but how is it possible that we have oversight on two lakes of Vätterns size, but that it is possible to procure a drop of water to the hotel where we currently reside. I have not showered and washed my hair in five days. I have during this time cycled over 60 mil in 35 degree heat and thick indescribable road dust. I have slept in the bush with sand, dust, insects and shit. I will not be able to shower until the next rest day for seven days. Call me spoiled Westerner, but I can not accept that there is no water available throughout the day. I shit in your fucking shoulder presses and “maybe tomorrow”. On top of all, it is not to wash the clothes I’ve used, for further use without any kind of washing would be a nuisance.

Sure, I can understand that all toilets are not the tip top standard, but to have two public toilets throughout the hotel, where we camp, without any form of running water is ridiculous. An attack of diarrhea and then the toilets are unusable. As one of the guys in the group told the hotel manager, “If you do not get some running water soon, I will fucking shit right here in front of your reception.
Sure, I can understand that all the waitresses do not have a high quality education, but also the most stupid Ethiopians ought to take that one can not disclose the note to a hungry visitor, who waited an hour without getting food and then expect to get paid for the order placed. Examples of how pathetically bad everything works in this country are many and long. One wonders nutshell, how they can live under these conditions without ever act and at least try to improve the situation?!

The latest on my new wheels, is that they are at a FedEx office in Addis Ababa. The hope is that we can forward the package to Nairobi, where we will in two weeks. The odds of my ZIPP wheel will survive the journey there is daunting, because of the road conditions ahead. “Prepare yourself for the worst road condition on the entire tour,” is the message on our bulletin board for the upcoming week. Given the wretched roads we already cycled on, I can not even pretend to me how they can become even worse, but it can apparently …

Call me whiny. I stand for! This trip is much more stressful than I ever could have imagined. I do not think there is someone in the group undergoing this journey without difficulty. The only thing that keeps me somewhat of good cheer, is that at least I have good health. After Addis Ababa, it was as if a diarrhea epidemic had broken out in the group. Day after day of rest sat nearly 15 people on the truck and when we awoke the next morning the whole camp was surrounded by puddles diarrhea and toilet paper flying around the whole area. Restrictions on burying their excrement, which was forgotten. A pretty horrible sight, but fully to understand considering that diarrhea was so acute that many do not even have time out of the tent before the pants were stuffed. Less nice when we also have no running water available …

Well, time to find an internet cafe and hope that incompetents in this country can achieve some form of power (which we had last night) and internet connection, even if the water does not work. Hope to hear from me again in a week, when we arrived, Kenya and traveled through Lava stone-desert!

Ref: Anna Adielsson

Futher information about Anna can be found at her web page and blog (English). You can also reach her on her email Since Anna´s racist blogpost has reached the Ethiopian digital community she has now limited the access to her postings. However, in many of her other posts the racist attitude and language still maintains…


This is a brilliant comment from “Proud Ethiopian”(nickname) that has reacted towards Anna´s “misery” blogpost but since the posting is not public anymore we publish this response here!!!

After reading Anna’s post ‘Misery’ depicting her ‘miserable’ experience ‘cycling’ through rural Ethiopia, I am both shocked and appalled by her vile criticism, deep seated hate rate and condescending tone.

Once again, I am reminded that ignorance has no barriers and that smallness of mind creates evil hearts. Without resorting to the same petty name calling and racial epithets – here are my reactions to your offensive comments.

First of all, as a woman and a human being, I condone no acts of unprovoked torture or abuse on anyone without any instigation. So if what you say is true, it is indeed unfortunate and terrifying to have suffered ‘mental and physical terror’ as you put it, being spat on, stoned, whipped with cords, beaten with sticks, palms, and fists, and attempts to push you off the cycles. Having said that however, I find your reaction to these acts of random thugs and a few angry kids – a frightening exposé into the very psyche and nature of many ‘misguided’ and ‘sheltered’ souls like you, Anna, who call themselves ‘tourists’ or ‘friends of Africa’.

Let us examine the very words you used to describe your ordeal and the despicable reactions of your friends on your blog – which hold so much racists fodder and conjure up bile images of oppressive behavior and hateful attitudes.

1. Ethiopia is a nation of proud people with a glorious history of conquest and freedom far more than Sweden, therefore we don’t need nor ever asked for your ‘sympathy nor empathy’.

2. The dirty and unpleasant young adults screaming “you, you, you give money, money” are only using the few English words they know to communicate with you (which is more than you did to at least pick up a few words in their language to appease the situation instead of saying and feeling “get a job you lazy bastard, I rather burn my money than give it to you or I hope you starve to death” – again these words speak for themselves – and should make you embarrased and ashamed – because poverty has no no race nor region so one day you will fall vitim to it too and when that happens I hope people will not wish on you what you wish on those less fortunate.

3. ’Cycling has really been a secondary importance to these war-like conditions and god forsaken country’ – you really think that a country struggling to feed its people, educate its young, combat an onslaught of Malaria, HIV, and countless other infectious diseases has the ’luxury’ to trolop around the countryside for recreation?- shoving in the faces of the destitutethey meet how great they have it with their tailored bike gears, water bottles and malaria pills. WAKE UP and SMELL REALITY for you live in a dream land (protected by your father’s trustfund and a stolen inheretance of centuries of slavery and colonial rule).

4. As one of the South Africans on the trip noted – if you’re not a racist before you start traveling through Africa… Let me guess is this by any chance a ’White South African’ who has enjoyed years of racial subjugation and oprression of black people – how predictable!

5. I guess we are in a true African Experience, but their fucking dirt roads is ofcourse a joke with all the rocks and holes that make it almost impossible to travel on – again these roads were not built for your comfort nor are they as they were for the last 400 years a playground for the rich white folks. So if you don’t like it GO HOME! This trip is no more than a reflection of who you really are! A person’s truest nature is exposed in the harshest of times and yours is prevalent. There is no place for a biggotted racitst in this world.

6. Other incidious and inflamatory words used were: People who have not kept up with Evolution; the most stupid Ethiopians ; Hope that incompetents in this country can achieve some form of power ; Cowardly bastards; We all agree that no Western aid can ever serve this beggerparadise. Should they ever get straight to the misery in which they live, …they need to get their lazy asses off the ground and begin to make an effort. Aside from the bad english, spoken like a true bigotted, self-centered, heartless individual led by fear, hate, anger and one devoid of self-awareness and common sense. YOU HAVE NO PLACE VISITING or ASSOCIATING WITH AFRICANS – GO BACK TO YOUR SHELTERED WHITE CASTLE in SWEDEN and maybe then you don’t have to sleep in the bush with sand, dust, insects and shit. Nor accept that their is no water available throughout the day – You ask – how can they live under these conditions without ever acting and at least trying to improve the situation – it’s called crippling poverty due to exploitative global economic systems, uneven balance of power and conscriptive political environments that Ethiopia and many African nations find themeselves in but you wouldn’t know that what with your knowlege base being from Discovery channel and the Lonely Planet Guide. Ignorance is Bliss isn’t it ?

7. As for your friends who replied by saying : you are tougher than them, so you can do this – I say it’s Africa and the dirty and unpleasant kids that are essentially tougher and more dignified than Anna for they go through the indignities of having no shower, no water, no electricity nor food on a daily basis while they see throngs of wealthy Europeans used their land and homes as a giant playground and recreational outpost without paying for it as if they are entitled to it. Welcome to AFRICA and I hope your journey in Kenya is just as Miserable as your soul is.

In other words Payback is a Bitch!


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