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October 4th, 2009

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We made recently a very interesting acquaintance with this very creative landsman; Mr. Teshome Berhanu Kemal. He has written and published numerous books.

Some of his books are stories specially written for kids which made Mr. Teshome a very interesting figure for Lissan Magazine.

After he kindly sent us essential background information about his works and himself, we are hereby presenting him as follows.


Some Facts About the works of Teshome Berhanu Kemal

Published and unpublished works

Published: six children’s’ books (Yeteret Abat, Andit T’inchelna Q’ech’ine, Dereto, Alemitu ena Gumarewu, Gorade Yagebachiwu Lielt ena Leloch Asdenaqi tertoch, Esubalewe ena Yegenete Wof.

Yeteret Abat (The Father of Tales): One of the voluminous children’s’ books in the country with unique narration and selected tales.

Yeteret  Abat (The Father of Tales) is one of the first children’s  books published by the former Kuraz Publisher (now replaced by Mega Publisher).  All the stories including some bridges for the main tells are narrated by  the Ye Teret Abat. The book contains some 30 selected tells most of which the author learnt from his mother as a kid. The rest are the author’s creation and that old stories which retold by the author.

Andit T’inchelna Q’ech’ine (A Rabbit and A Giraf) is children’s book for beginners, published by the former Kuraz Publisher (now replaced by Mega Publisher). All stories are the creations of the author.

Andit T’inchelna Q’ech’ine (A Rabbit and A Giraf)

Dereto (a rooster with big chest) published in 1992, contains stories like Dereto (a young rooster that made itself  a hero), Feresegnaw Hassen, (Hassen the horse race contester ).

Dereto (A rooster with big chest)

Buchi ena Guadegnaw (Buchi the honest Dog and his Friend), Fichagona Yemot Medhanit (Fichago in search of death  winning drug).

Esubalew ena Yegenet Wof  (Esubalew and the Bird of Paradise), published in 2003, it is the adventure of a child called Esubalew to paradise. The story deals with kindness to animals and conversation  of our natural resources.

Alemitu ena Gumarewu (Alemitu and the Hippopotamus) It is a story about a girl who loved the  Hippopotamus for his kind deeds. It also contains some other stories.

Gorade Yagebachiwu Lielt ena Leloch Asdenaqi tertoch ( A girl who married the sward of a price and other wonderful stories)

Ye Ezop Teretoch (The Fables of Aesope) all are presented as retold  by the author.

Two children’s plays on the stage

Dimtu Beketema (Dimtu in the Town) at National Theatre

Yemataleqsewa Hitsan (A Baby that never Cries) at AAU Theatrical Center

Imam Ahmed Ibrahim c.1506-February 21, 1543 Amharic: ግራኝ Graññ; Gurey in Somali) published in 2009

Yehilm Encyclopedia
(Dream  Encyclopedia), published in 2009

Gazet’gninet and yesinemigbar Memeria
(journalism and guides for Ethics)
Talalaq Sewoch ena T’iqsochachewu
(Great men and their quotations)

Mr. Teshome is an author of dozens of research papers dealing with different subject matters. He is multi-talented with further skills of Cinematography, filming, directing, editing, writing script, and narrating. He has written hundreds of articles for different local News papers (Addis Zemen, Yezareitu Ethiopia, Amharic Zena), Tourism Magazines (Yekatit, Amharic Sendeq, Amharic Tele Negarit, Amharic and English EHNRI Newsletter, Amharic and English Efoyta),  English Newspaper and Magazine design of house organs; among others  Editor (columnar) of “Meftihe  Bihonwo, & Admas,” are columns worth mentioning.

The author has a huge number of academic background and a long list of professional achievements which shows the base and source of his multi-directional creativity.  We recommend Mr. Teshome as a very valuable network partner.

Contact Teshome Berhanu Kemal:


  1. Dear Sir
    This time I’ve published two more children’s books (Merkebegnochu, Asrahuletu Lieltoch) and two more (Esubalewu Ena Yegenet Wof, Nigist Furra) are on process. Hope both will be on market next two weeks. In addition I am planning to publish to more books (Religious Tolerance in Ethiopia which is deep rooted among its people and Sufism in Ethiopia which is traditional like Orthodox Christian. If God wills, both are written to promote peace, friendship, love and harmonious relation in our beloved country.

    Comment by Teshome Berhanu — 13. October 2011 @ 03:29

  2. dear Teshome Berhanu
    Thank you so muck for your interview on Ahmed Gragn that I listened at SBS.I never heard such balanced one all my reading and class on Ethiopian history back home. Some took him as very negative destroyer of our heritage and others present him as revolutionary fighter for the oppressed.
    I also like your children books and I want to tell you that I wrote some like KURATEGGAW Dimet for Kuraz/Mega publishing and Yemegngedu Sewoch for Yemistrach publishing at Ethiopia.
    Eddie aka Adefris Habrte Mekasha,Chaplain

    Comment by Eddie Mekasha — 26. January 2016 @ 18:47

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