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May 13th, 2009

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In one of my earlier posts I have written a story about Degu (link to the previous article). I met him again in my recent journey to Ethiopia. Here is more about Degu.

Degu did not show up the way he used to. Usually he used to come over on the second or third day of my arrival. As days went by and as he still didn’t show up I was forced to ask the others how he was doing.  Degu seldom comes out of his mother’s hut for several months, they said. He is too afraid to face the world outside. Though I was glad that he was living with his mother again but it made me sad that things did not seem to go well for him. If he was hiding from everyone like that, there might not be any chance to stabilize his life to normal again.

Degu’s opinion on “unity” 

So I intended to visit him. Like fifty meters from their compound I sent a kid to look if Degu was at home. The kid said that he would definitely be at home. So I told to tell him that I am waiting outside. It must have taken quite a long time to convince Degu to come out their hut and meet me because I have waited for at least 15 minutes.As Degu came to where I was standing, I could see that he was struggling to adjust his eyes to the bright sunlight of that afternoon. He was visibly glad to see me and his smile filled his face with life. After we greeted each other I asked him how he was doing. Degu didn’t answer my question because he was too self conscious of the eager spectators who were gathering around us. Seeing that he was too nervous that we were talking on an open street grasping everybody’s attention, I proposed to go to a secluded place where we could have more privacy. Degu was happy with the idea.

The moment we sat to discuss Degu started to speak about his situation: “My condition is worsened these days. I am steadily thinking that everybody is pointing at me and laughing. All think that I am crazy and they might also be right… I don’t know, maybe I am really crazy. I know that I have some brain issues which must be cured. But I am not capable of curing it all by my self. I am not a genius and need solutions from those who are more matured and educated than me. This area is not as it used to be Admassu. People have become too egoist and they only care about themselves. They go to church every Sunday and pray everyday but they are the worst sinners because they laugh at me. I was born here and grew up here. How can it be possible that those who I knew my whole life point their finger at me saying I am crazy. So I decided not to come out of my hut to avoid seeing them…”


Degu has never been a person of many words. His extra ordinary long sentence which he just used to describe his current life situation was his way of letting me know not to ask him any more question. Though I had a lot in mind to say, I just respected his wish and changed the subject.

For the very first time Degu did not mention about his video message: a message that we have recorded some years ago to find him a woman in the west who would be interested to marry him.

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  1. Admassu, you gave Degu a voice once more. Tnx. Keep the stories coming.

    Comment by Kokebe — 15. May 2009 @ 15:48

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