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May 7th, 2009

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We incidentally came across Zewdy in YouTube! An amazing talented young girl. She is already a celebrity in the net. Many of you might know her already. This article is for those like us who didn’t have the chance to see her online. The text below is directly taken from her YouTube site. Link to the source

Hi! I’m Zewdy

If there’s one thing I know, I KNOW I was born to sing!

I’m 18

Born in NYC, raised it JERSEYYYYYYYYYY!

I tried out for American Idol 5 times - never made it past the 1st round. I never saw Paula, Randy, or Simon.

I am VERY open minded, I would never judge people based on race, sexual orientation, religion, etc.

I wanna thank The Foundation/Secret Society for startin me off on recording, I love y’all & you already know we’ll always be down!

If it weren’t for KHRIS KHAOS, I wouldn’t have gained so many subs so quickly. Khris admires my talent so much that he decided to make videos with me, promoting my channel & just lettin his subscribers & supporters know about me! He is the reason the majority of my subscribers know about me today & to this day he STILL hasn’t stopped supporting me! I really feel like … my Youtube “fame”? Well, I owe it ALL to Khris Khaos.. Man if you’re readin this, I freakin love you & I can’t express my gratitude for everything you have done for me..! ||& a BIG thanks to StarSearchTV on youtube, they reuploaded a couple of my videos & got me soo many views & subs =D you guys rock!I love my family, they support me so much - it’s amazing!

My family is pretty artsy - my father [enehabtisha on youtube] sings & plays the guitar =], my older sister plays a bunch of instruments & draws very well, my younger sister [ThatDweebZebeeb on youtube] draws & is into graphic design, & my brother [rep1nyc on youtube] is a street artist, & actually has his own clothing label [check it out at]

I’m NOT perfect, & I’m not a goody2shoes, so you can just get that image of me out of your heads lol
But I am a good person =]

I love to sing.
I love to dance.
I love to party !!!!!!!

Yooo, I’m a reeally friendly person ! I’m always smiling & bubbly & bouncy, so if you ever saw me in the street, you’d know for SURE it was me ! hehe

If you haven’t got anything nice to say on my channel/video comments - I’ll just block you lol =P

constructive criticism is fine, unless you don’t know what the hell you’re talkin about lmaoo !

I love, love, LOVE Beyonce !
I love Usher !
I love Alanis Morissette.
I love System of a Down.
I love Donnie Hathaway
I love Vybz Kartel !
R&B + Hip Hop = my passion.
Alternative is the sh*t !
Rock rocks !
I love me some Country =].
I have really really cool friends.
One day, everybody is gonna know who I am!


As for haters? Nobody kicks a dead dog! Ha! Get on ya job losers ^_^!



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