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April 22nd, 2009

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There are famous people that accompany us our whole life. We mostly don’t know them personally but they become part of our identity. Our national and international pride is always focused on the result of their extra ordinary creation of art, music, and literature that we learned to reflect as if these works were our own collective treasure. I am sure, for me, that have been also the case when ever I thought and still think about Tilahun. I had no opportunity of attending his concert. I have only seen him on pictures and videos. And yet, I was sure to know him through out my life. “…. kandem hulet sosteeeee fikir dersobignal, gin zare addis honooooo yichawetibignal….” his songs like that which I used to murmur unconsciously when taking a walk or when I am alone have been part of my reality.

Now how is it feel when this great singer who accompanied us our whole life passes away all of a sudden? We saw him getting older with all burdens, misfortunes and illnesses that being-old imposed upon him. While seeing how the natural process of age dimming away his physical charm of the younger years, most of us have usually an evergreen visual image in our mind which lead us to see in him the same old Tilahun.

I heard once how everyone in a concert hall cried watching him being pushed in to the stage on wheelchair. And I asked my self then: “How would have I reacted if I was there on that day?” The answer is obvious because the very thought of that situation has already filled my eyes with tears.

I admired him more knowing that Tilahun hasn’t gave up on life. He didn’t sink in frustration which could have been a natural reaction after such a devastating misfortune. Instead, he wanted to help other diabetic patients and children by establishing a foundation. Though it made me sad to hear his broken sentences and to see his fragile physical appearance on a video as he announced about his project on a press conference, my memory kept on reminding me of his legend by producing images of his golden years  in front of my very eyes.

And now, with those images still in mind I dare say: “Tilahun is not dead. Tilahun lives forever”.

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