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April 9th, 2009

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“How is it there where you are living?…” Roba asked me. “…I don’t think it is as beautiful as here, is it?”

“What do you mean it is not as beautiful as here? I don’t think it is that beautiful here!?” I said deliberately provoking him.

“Well…” said Roba with his typical shrewed sarcastic manner “…. if it ain’t beautiful, you wouldn’t keep on coming back, would you?…” he laughed loudly grabbing the attention of those sitting around us “… I mean, you must have paid a lot of money to come to us. It means, here is better than where you are living.” Those sitting around us were nodding confirming that Roba was right.

Roba: “Go and show your people how handsome I am.
(photo: admassu)

“Don’t be so damned sure about that. I am just coming here to see my family, neighbors, and arrogant friends like you.” I said trying to disarm his argument. But I didn’t succeed to convince him for Roba and his buddies just sat there waiting for more plausible explanation. As none of that came from my side, they started laughing at me again.

These guys are always a great challenge for me. When ever I fly home they come over to chat with me and our chat usually ends up with their mocking arguments and destroying laughter.  Roba is the worst of them. He has this impenetrable self confidence and deep-dark humor. Above all, he is armed with a sharp calculating brain. I have never seen Roba hesitating to come up with a right answer at the right moment while facing challenging verbal confrontations. His sharp calculating brain is alway ready to provide him with a right reply and the sarcastic grin on his face does the rest.


Some mornings are so pure and sunny that it invites to have the first coffee ceremony of the day outside. That is of course a suitable battlefield for Roba and his buddies to launch their attacks against me. Usually our meetings start in a normal way. But I knew that Roba was only waiting for a suitable moment to make his first move.


I love drinking the coffee here. Seeing that I couldn’t have enough of it, they started serving me in a huge cup that looked quite big comparing to the traditional Sini. I was enjoying my coffee in this huge cup without predicting any danger as I catch the glimpse of Roba’s eyes staring at my hand. I knew that I just gave him a reason to start his attack.


“So you love our coffee? Of course you love our coffee. That is why you are drinking it in a such huge cup…..” said Roba with a defeating ironic smile¬† “…. Poor guy! I don’t think you have ever tasted such a great coffee there where you are living.”

Roba is ready to attack. (photo: admassu)

He was definitely right about the coffee but I didn’t want to do him a favor by saying yes. The others watched me smiling waiting to hear my reply. I was sure they would go right over to an exploding laughter after my answer to Roba’s question.

Gosh! I miss those guys already.


  1. Hi, Dear Admassu
    i really enjoyed your your writing about our freind mr,Degu
    formerly. sad no German woman ever showed up yet lol
    i do enjoy this very one about the sarcastic and verbal fighter Mr Roba and his loughter companions .
    this guys living a hard life are raedy to defend it by any means
    any way yemayaukut ager aynafekem.
    thank you!
    Keep it up!

    Comment by yemachew jegna — 26. June 2010 @ 14:23

  2. Thank you yimachew jegna.

    Comment by Admassu — 3. July 2010 @ 20:01

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