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April 6th, 2009

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Oh Addis! Things about Addis that remain glued to my mind; small enjoyable things; no-spectacular but yet things of great impulse that permanently pop-up in my memory.

Whenever I accompanied someone to the airport and this someone asks me if I wish something from back home, I usually would say “Bring me yetewat tseahy if you can.” Then this someone would go “Of course I can’t, are you joking?” Actually I am not joking when I say those things. It sounds crazy but I really want Yetewat Tsehay packed in a huge suitcase so that I can enjoy it for at least a month: specially for those grey winter days of Germany.

Any ways, no body has done that favor for me. So I waited till my turn comes to be accompanied to the airport. “Berebere amtalign“, “Belech chat kech kalerek izih ketema zir indatil“, “Original doro kene-inkulalu benatih…” Surprisingly, there was no demand for the Yetewat Tsehay. Well, I thought, I will have it all for my self, ha!

Addis airport filled with yetewat tsehay.

I paid 660 Euro for four weeks ticket to Ethiopia from Frankfurt. May be the ticket is so expensive by the Ethiopian Airlines because the plane arrives early morning. In Addis one can start enjoying yetewat tsehay right at the airport. With that assumption in mind, I thought the price is actually acceptable; acceptable from my own point of view.

We met Bedilu (a very good old friend) at a coffee bar not far from the new church in Bole. I was still adjusting my self to the city ambiance of Addis. And I had quite a hard time to move alongside the speed of the daily life around me. Have I become too slow or is this city already too fast to cop with? I have asked and asked my self afraid to admit that I was missing here something important. And this something is just leaving me behind without giving me time to catch up.

Then I preferred thinking about the small enjoyable things.

Bedilu was having machiato. He invited us insisting we should also try one. So we all ordered machiato. You know these days in Addis all machiato makers do crazy creative things to it, so creative that one can easily feel guilty to drink it and destroy the art. I told Bedilu about it. Bedilu just laughed and promised to take me the next day to a place  where they do even crazier stuff with the machiato. “Crazier…” I thought “…no way!”

(photo: admassu)

We spent the rest of our first day in Addis by site seeing and visiting some more places. We had a great lunch.  As I saw the bill, I thought, how do people manage to pay that much? Addis is not only fast but also too expensive. Watching the standard population on the street and thinking about what we just paid for a single lunch left me with some uneasy feeling.

Busy, busy, busy Addis (photo: admassu)

May be that is the way slow guests like me who just arrived from bahir mado think. Most of my fellow landsmen and women in Ethiopia are too busy to see their daily life the way I think. Every one seem to be alert in Addis. One has to keep on moving in order to exist. Bars are filled with women and men who are busy with their mobile phone answering and making calls. It is as if these people has switched their offices in to their mobile phones. If you meet an old friend like Bedilu for some hours, half of that time goes for making and recieving calls.

I couldn’t cop with this speed. So I kept on concentrating on those small enjoyable things; no-spectacular but yet things that remain in memory. Like machiato and yetewat tsehay

The art of machiato (photo: admassu)

As promised, Bedillu took us to the place where he said they make more crazier things with the machiato. Not a standard bar but a gas station somewhere on the Bole road. The small café doesn’t look so special. A small room with uncomfrtable chairs and tables. But it is filled with customers who seem to afford to go some where else and have expensive breakfast. Most of them were busy with their mobile phones. The atmosphere in the room was too mysterious for a slow guy from bahir mado like me.

So I concentrated again on small enjoyable things. Bedilu hasn’t exaggerated. It was the best machiato I ever had. Yetewat Tsehay out of the window made it even more delicious. I couldn’t help having three of it feeling each time guilty for destroying the creative work.


Yetewat Tsehay = early morning sun

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  1. Wow..lucky lucky!! Yetewat tsehay sure will be good now. The machiato looks really good too. Hi Admassu, tnx for the post and the wonderful pics. More more photo stories pls.

    Comment by Kokebe — 8. April 2009 @ 16:20

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