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September 14th, 2008

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We were nervous the whole week about the party we were organizing for the 12th of September. Me and my fellow organizers were permanently connected via mobile and email. I felt sometimes as if we were leading some huge financial establishment. The preparation was so intense and time-robbing. Going through the whole arsenal of our music CDs, converting the songs to mp3 in order to play them with the DJ software, the huge grocery which has devoured most of our financial asset, buying beverages suitable for our fellow citizens and guests, and looking for kind friends who would help us preparing the food and looking for friendly girls to take care of the bar.

We have distributed enough flyers 3 weeks prior to the occasion and we were sure that the news of our preparation was received positively by most of our Ethiopian community in Frankfurt and surrounding.  We have estimated to have at least 200 guests. So the whole process of our preparation was meant to deal with this amount of guests.

12th of September arrived carrying unpredicted weather. The day begun and ended with continues rainfall, creepy Grey daylight, and  with a sneaky cold and wet air. For the first time in the last 4 or more months, the sun has completely disappeared from the sky and the evening came without seeing a glimpse of it’s light.

Despite various unexpected obstacles of technical nature, we have managed to finish our preparation of the party-hall on the right time. We had great food, a lot of beverages to serve, and a great music collection appropriate for the New Year event.

We celebrated till early morning though our guests weren’t as many as we assumed. Those who were there haven’t regret the uncomfortable fact of going through the wet weather to come to us. We are grateful that they have made it. We hope the weather God will be kind to us on our next party which we certainly will organize in the next possible occasion.

We wish all Ethiopians and friends the best year.


  1. Sorry it didn’t go the way you planned it.Hey there will be many more amet beals to come. So are you saying no pics?

    Comment by Kokebe — 15. September 2008 @ 16:58

  2. guys enkuan aderesachehu lemeskel beal.

    Comment by Kokebe — 27. September 2008 @ 16:16

  3. Thanks K.
    Enkuan abro aderesen! Hope you had a nice Meskel.

    Comment by Lissan Magazine — 28. September 2008 @ 19:23

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