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August 3rd, 2008

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Imama Ethiopia
A poem by Abebe Asfaw

They say that he was once the richest man of the town. I still remember, as I was a small kid,¬† I used to accompany my father once in a while to the biggest hotel of Yirga Cheffe. It was owned by Ato Abebe Asfaw. My father and Ato Abebe were very good friends. Whenever we went there on Kiremt vacations from Addis, Abebe Asfaw’s hotel was the only establishment where my father used to spend his free time. I also have enjoyed going there with my father because I was usually allowed to drink as many Mirindas as I could free of charge.

Music & video: Admassu M. K.

Today, the reality around Ato Abebe is completely different. He is now an old man. Most of his friends, including my father, are no more alive. His hotel is still one of the best addresses in the town but it is no more owned by him. They say that Abebe Asfaw is now poor because his dreams and ideas were always beyond the reality of his surrounding: a very risky  behavior for a businessman in those days.

Well, I don’t really know the true reason of his dramatic lose. I do know for sure that he is still a dreamer with a great respect for the nature. When ever I went home for a visit, Ato Abebe takes time to visit me. Usually he rewinds his memories to the wonderful time and friendship he had with my father. Sometimes, we are forced to postpone the storytelling session to the next day. I usually had this particular feeling that he was trying to escape from his current life situation by telling me as many stories as he could from his long-gone golden era.

But, above all, the central point of Ato Abebe’s concern was (still is) the deforestation around his hometown Yirga Cheffe and in the whole country. He has of course no financial possibility to help conserving the nature. His only weapon against this serious matter is the poetry.

Lissan Magazine is proudly presenting one of his poems as a video message.

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