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June 21st, 2008

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Let me state my great appreciation on the reaction towards my article. Specially for those comments that gave me a perspective to view my situation from different sides. Thank you Beminet for sharing your own experience and Admassu for translating the German stuff. Reading your story, I felt the pain you have been going through all those years. I could say that you are a very strong guy who has managed to compensate his daily life even though he made a false decision. On the other side, I would also say that you are lucky to enjoy the presence of your all time love. By the way, her husband and your wife are amazing and outstanding personalities. So brother, you got to be happy because you got such a great and an understanding wife.

But some still say, what I am feeling is not worth to be called “Love”. Is my feeling just an emotional eruption the way Senayit (chekagnwa Senayit) bluntly described? If a pain of no-yet-love hurts so much, can any one describe me how the pain of the already-love is going to be. If the pain of love is more torturing than my situation, I am lucky that I haven’t gone that far.

Abiy said, love is like a grapefruit with a bitter test behind its sweetness. Fortunately, I don’t like grapefruit. I don’t accept that love should be like that at all. I am sure, where grapefruit grows, I will certainly find orange or other fruits without a bitter after effect about them.

Though I should not talk about love yet, but my heart is still bleeding. So I can’t help coming back and pour out some more L… story.

After a long self-persuading process, I have decided to call her. You know, I just wanted to hear her voice. Her very first reply was “Manew?” (Who is calling?) and it didn’t do me any good to hear her answering like that. I knew she has still my number and that she could see my name on her cell phone. I was somehow disappointed but tried not show my disappointment. I said instead that it was me calling. There was a very long silence on the other end. I couldn’t help asking if she was still there. Her next reply was “Min tifeligaleh?” (What do you want?) I said, I just wanted to hear her voice and that I think it is alright to do so.

We ended up quarreling as usual; she asked me to do her a favor and never call her again and I promised angrily that I would do her that favor and delete her number out of my cell phone. The truth is, I don’t need to delete her number because it is already engraved in my mind. God, I really hated her after this conversation, but only for about 15 minutes. After cooling my emotion up, I was occupied with her thoughts again. The effect of my phone call has deepened my sorrow though.

I might follow Beminet’s advice and try to get her back. But she has this side of her that makes me boil and explode. Can you imagine the kind of life we would lead together if we always end up quarreling like that?


  1. Hallo Mister. Zu erst Entschuldige ich mich in gewissen masse .das ich Deine Geschichte mit meine verglichen habe .nämlich jeder hat seine bestimmt hinter gründ warum mal nicht das tut. Was man tun sollte. Alles zweits Danke für deine antwört und was meine Frau beträft auch, ich weiß das ich eigentlich das ich der glücklichstes Mann sein sollte. aber kannst man manch mal die natur überwältigen? man kann ist zwar immer wider versuchen die natur zu überwältigen. aber es ist nur Enttäuschung und Entspigelt nur in wieglichkeit. kann man nicht Überwältigen. So Bro nur zu deine letzte Bemerkung das du sie anrufen hast und die Reaktion was du von ihr bekommen hast. ich weiß nicht wie du Denkst, Du kannst dankbar seine das sie überhaupt ins Tel.: ran gegangen ist, sie ist dann eine gute mansche und sie hat Gefühle noch für dich .will; Nahmilch für eine Frau; vom allem Die du sie Beschreiben hast die weißt was sie will und selbst Bewüst, ihre wahre zumachen das ihr zusammen keine Zukunft habet. Das ist glaublich nicht das glückst was man machen könnte. Und zu deinen Kommentaren von Abiy —

    Abiy said, love is like a grapefruit with a bitter test behind its sweetness. Fortunately, I don’t like grapefruit. I don’t accept that love should be like that at all. I am sure, where grapefruit grows, I will certainly find orange or other fruits without a bitter after effect about them.
    Enschülig Bitte, ich glaube wir alle kommen zu den megazien lissan, , um was zu lehnen & sehen was wir in uns selbst nicht sehen können . Der hat dir die Realität und die Wieglichkeit geschrieben. Ich will ja deine Meinung nicht da gegen stehen. aber nehme mal zeit und überlege gut was du geschrieben hast. wer will denn das schön was bitteres im leben? ist auch klar dass wo dort Gräpfruit wächst auch Orange und Honigmelone wächst oder ernten kann! Nur, Es ist dir klar wo von wir reden? kennst du denn Spruch? die Erde hat keine end? Stimmet,! es hat keine end. es sieht nur immer gleich aus. Also Bro die Topic ist Oder die Geschichte ist? sich selbst eigne Seele treu zu sein, versuchen durch haltungs vermögen für eigene glück zu haben, arbeit bestehen und das ergäbiness zu Genießen. Und, und, und
    Bitte Bro gehe in dir selbst Höher dich selbst an. Versuch sie zu verstehen, aber eine seit sage ich dir das? ist liebe. das du so sensitiv bist nur deine seit siehst. sorry oder ergo . Sollen wir nicht eigentlich mall versuchen ein Bissen realistisch zu sein und unsere schwersten oder unser Müttern verstehen.. lassen wir uns mall Über das reden,,,,,,,,,,

    Comment by beminet — 21. June 2008 @ 13:46

  2. Hi Beminet bro
    Well, it must be something important what you have written above. Its length shows that. But I don’t read and speak German.If the Lissan guys do me a favor translating that, it could be great.


    Comment by Mistre — 26. June 2008 @ 10:59

  3. Affected or not I think the feeling that comes with love or s/t similar to love is worth the bitter-sweetness of it all. At times you feel like your heart is about to explode but you always wish to live one more day to feel that feeling tomorrow. I don’t know your extreme situation you mentioned on your post but ….I say enjoy it (the feeling) or her… if she lets you……. while it lasts.

    Comment by Kokebe — 19. July 2008 @ 02:01

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