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June 19th, 2008

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A friend of mine, Beminet has written a comment on the “Lets Talk about Love” by Mistre which, I am convinced, is an interesting story for it self. Beminet describes his own story in German language. I’ve translated it for those of you who don’t understand German. I hope Beminet won’t mind that. (Admassu)


Hi Brother (directed to Mistre)

Here is my lived story.
I am sitting in my small office and traveling in my memory through time looking back in to my life experience. Maybe, the background story of this heavy burden on my shoulder which I was carrying around for so many years, might help you in some ways to make your own right decision.

The story is: I made on those days a false decision. I thought, I had no future with her. But my decision was false because “future” has its own character and it defines our fate in a different way. Sometimes you know, we must let our fate form itself in order to gain a mental peace afterwards.

It was of course a natural reaction that she met someone else after hearing my decision. And she met someone she really deserved. She has established a solid family, and she is very happy today because her life is full of harmony. We still are friends and understand each other well. I also have a good relation to her husband. That is because she is a person full of positive energy and character. One can not ignore her. It would have been the worst decision to make if I had ignored her. That way, I have still the opportunity to see her laughing and shining. And I? Unfortunately I am still suffering because of my decision and try, at least, to enjoy her presence. I can’t describe this feeling, but it is somehow a weird feeling..

Now, it is already five years since then. I am also married and have my own family. Whenever I see her, I see what is missing in my life. Actually, I should be happy. I feel sometimes my first daughter looks like her as if she were our child. And my wife? I don’t know if she likes the idea of my meeting my ex frequently, she knows that I still love her. My ex likes my wife and she does her best to show her that we are only friends and that she has no other feelings for me. She is quite serious about that because she hasn’t made a wrong decision for her life. I don’t know if my wife is suffering in this constellation because she hardly show her feeling; or I am maybe too blind to see it.

One aspect is for sure, I am happy when I see her, and I will love her till the end of my life. I often think, how happy could I be if I had married her. She is great with words and the way she chooses her sentences to make life sweeter. She is always grateful about life and rejoice it. I have never met someone like her who enjoys being alive.

Now Brother (to Mistre again) Think about your decision deeply. Be aware that such a decision can change your life entirely. And if it is the wrong decision, you will suffer for very long time. It is like doing a crime against your self. Is it wise to be genuinely in love and avoiding the chance of happiness at the same time? I am not sure.

Do you really love her? If your answer is yes, is there someone you love even more? Sorry for asking that. I am asking because you said that you two have no future.


  1. Slelam Adimassu.

    Danke für die Übersetzung meine Geschichte ,,auch wenn einig sich dreckt andres anhört hat oder andres herüber kommet .Was meinst du? was denkst du über Bro,,, was ist Deine eindrücke was musst ihr machen. .ich weiß nicht habe ich vielleicht was Falsches geschrieben oder gedacht? meine Geschichte mit seinem zu vergleichen. das ist nur meine Erfahrung..

    Comment by Beminet — 20. June 2008 @ 23:33

  2. Hallo Beminet.

    Ich bin sicher, dass du das richtige gemacht hast. Es gibt nicht besseres als eigene Lebenserfahrung zu zu teilen, um anderen damit zu helfen. Mistre hat es auch sehr gefallen, wie Du in seinem Artikel lesen kannst.

    Sorry, falls meine Übersetzung anderes klingt. als Du geschrieben hast. Aber deine Geschichte kommt schon gut herüber.

    Comment by Admassu — 21. June 2008 @ 10:36

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