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May 30th, 2008

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While looking at this picture of two street kids, which I have taken a year ago, a certain question popped up in my mind: How would we feel if we were in the position of taking good care of them and if all roads back home were free from begging kids? Would it feel strange not to see them anymore because we have already taken this reality for granted?


Are we so accustomed to see them following us begging for some coins to buy a piece of bread? Is it difficult to remind ourselves that they actually don’t belong where they are now? Are they really unavoidable part of our cityscape and townscape ambiences?

Sometimes, when we get used to misfortune of any kind in our society, this misfortune will definitely advance it self to normality. We humans are species who are capable of adapting our self to various misfortunes. And unconsciously we end up accepting an unacceptable situation.

These children are obvious signs that something has gone terribly wrong. We have to stop accepting that as normal.

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