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May 12th, 2008

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Dear Sir or Madam

I`m a woman of 42, and I live in Norway.
I`m trained as a nurse and as an artist. As a nurse, I worked as a foreign aid worker in Nicaragua from 1993-1995. Both my parents used to work in foreign aid. I spent some of my childhood in Uganda, but mostly in Norway.

Through this letter I am asking you to help me out with my current art project.

The aim of the project is to investigate what would happen if the current roles in foreign aid were reversed. What would the consequenses be if current aid recipients were to be the providers of aid for countries in the West.

This idea took form while I was an aid worker in Nicaragua, trying to impose changes to the lives of the people in four villages in the south-west. I was wondering what kind of values they would have wanted to impose on us, and how we would react to having them imposed on us.

The question I am posing is therefore: Given the challenges facing Western nations, what aid programs can we envisage as being the most urgent? How could these changes be implemented in the society?

Given the premiss of my work I feel that this question is best answered by those of you living in countries receiving aid from the West, or having spent most of your life there.

I would like all readers to give me tips of to whom I can send this letter,  and everyone is ofcourse welcome to comment on the project.

With your permission I would like to use your answers in an art exhibition.

Please send your answers or comments to me at:

Yours Sincerly, Katrine

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