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May 9th, 2008

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German archaeologists discovered queen Saba’s Palace

German archaeologists from Hamburg claimed that they have found the palace of queen Saba in Ethiopia. The location of this sensational discovery is the historical town Axum-”Dungur”. The archaeologists announce that the discovery was made in the earlier months of this year. According to their statements, the founded ancient ruins are from the 10th century BC and they remained buried for centuries under a palace built by a Christian king.


This picture shows a remnant of a palace in Axum-”Dungur” in Ethiopia from 600 -640 AD. The German archaeologists assure that the location of queen Saba’s palace lies just beneath this ruin.

Many researcher teams have been looking for the palace of this legendary queen. If this archaeologists are right with their assumption, Ethiopia will be richer with one more historical treasure of a greatest value.

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