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April 12th, 2008

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When was that last time you heard your footsteps loud and crispy clear while taking a walk in the mid of a day? On uneven korokonch road, eventually stepping on loose stones and hearing the cracking sound your shoes send in to the surrounding acoustic air….


…. where you are far from technology orchestrated fuss of our modern era, where cars rarely pass-by and their usual dominating and constant motor noise seldom reaches your ears….


… where the smallest living creature occupies the whole area with it’s shrill tone accompanying you on your way and constantly warning that you are not the only essential living being on the world…


…where various forms of nature come together to build a phenomenal beauty of appearance…


… where animals you usually know as food in a frozen form or on a grill machine show you how smart they actually are if you let them manage their life…


… where some scenes make you forget about great painting masterpieces just by displaying amazing artistic sets of happenings in front of your very eyes…


… where you see fruits in their natural form in stead of on sterile supermarket shelves…


….where kids laughter fill the air and let you forget your stereotype conclusions about poor and rich…


….where under the nature spectacle from above, the vast landscape and cityscape reminds you how small and tiny you actually are….


…. where one-horse-power vehicles with their colorful constructions and air-conditioned interiors take you to your appointments and where you almost tempted to sing a groovy song to the rhythm that the Gari makes on the way…


…. where the sound of a heavy rain fills the air and you see how the scene around you starts to behave accordingly adapting it self to this happening ….


…. and where you at last be one of the whole, where you stop feeling alien and be accepted as a member?

You don’t remember going through this experience? If your answer is “yes”, then it is about time you visit Imama Ethiopia and spend your vacation away from Addis and away from technology orchestrated acoustic.


  1. I like this photo story thing a lot. The settings are very similar to where I grew up and your description makes it more interesting. Thanks Admassu. keep them coming.

    Comment by Kokebe — 12. April 2008 @ 14:55

  2. Dear Kokebe. How are you doing? Thanks a lot for your encouraging words. More photo stories are on their way soon.

    Comment by Admassu — 12. April 2008 @ 16:40

  3. Hi there,

    I second Kokebe’s opinion. I do also connect lots of childhood memories with these pictures. Admassu is not only an accomplished photograph but also a phenomenal storyteller. I am loving it.

    Cheerio bro

    Comment by Eresso — 29. April 2008 @ 04:25

  4. Thank you bro. Thank you very much yewenze Lij!!!

    Comment by Admassu — 29. April 2008 @ 08:24

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