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March 24th, 2008

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Yirga Cheffee (photos: Admassu)

This is the final episode of my photo story on Yirga Cheffe. Before taking other themes in this series, I would like to take you to the place beyond the town it self. Yirga Cheffe is a small town and it doesn’t have many diversities to fill my day. To avoid repetition of my daily routine, I usually go hiking around the remotest nearby areas. That is actually where you meet the real people and atmosphere. So let’s start the tour…


… it was raining for a while as usual but has just stopped. The sun has taken it’s usual place again….



…. going to be a nice start of my tour. I am already meeting friendly and eager faces on my way…



… the new beginning of the daily scene on the road means that …



…. I am going to meet more eager and friendly faces everywhere who want to know who I am ….



…. if there is something unusual about the road scene is that I seldom see grownups. It seems as if small children are the one who are managing the daily life here ….



… I see them managing their parents businesses ….



… and taking care of the transportation of their cattle to the market ….



… guarding their homes and property with ….



… a demonstrative confidence and determination ….



…. or even giving useful services to their village by doing errands earning some coins…



…. When I keep on walking deep in to the landscape, the forest is filled with it’s organic coffee trees and ready-to-harvest coffee beans. The awesome color contrast is everywhere …



…. even when I meet the people who live here and chat with them, I am more aware of the contrast of color…



…. The people here are quite friendly. After they once know that I am just interested in their life and surrounding, they invite me to their yard…



… invite me to a coffee ceremony. And the kids even bring me fruits from their backyard …



…. and they watch me photographing each fruit before eating it. They ask me bewildered, what is so special about a fruit and why am I spending my precious film on some dumb thing like that. I wouldn’t dare to explain to them what all that means to me because I don’t want to spoil their day by doing so…



  1. I am inviting you and encouraging you to send us your images and to tell your visual stories on any topic of your wish. Don’t worry about the quality of your photographs. We will adjust it for you. Email: admassu(at) or info(at)…

    Comment by Admassu — 24. March 2008 @ 19:09

  2. Yami, yami, what…. what is the name of this mysterious fruit and how does it taste? Nice photos Admassu.

    Comment by Kibru — 26. March 2008 @ 14:10

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