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March 23rd, 2008

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Yirga Cheffe after Rain (photo: Admassu)

When it stops raining the sun usually appears right away. So one is glad about this quick change of the nature scene….


… even though the back yards of many houses are still wet and uncomfortable to walk through…



….. or even if some small roads could still be muddy and uncrossable…..



…. or even if small children need help to cross some side roads….



…. or even if the misty hills give their sign about another rainy hours ….



…. the new weather does some magic and the normal behavior of the surrounding starts all over again ….



…. and the sun does it’s job quickly and within few hours the town looks like as if it hasn’t seen any rain for months…



…. and if you take a walk to the town you might even encounter…



…. that some are already looking for shelter from the sun….



…. or you might see kids playing their new founded games… or if you are lucky….



… you might even meet an interesting individual to chat with….



  1. This is a refreshing story Admassu. I came from a small town near Arba Minch. Your pictures remind me of my area because we have similar weather situation. I am not a good photograph. May be I will try telling a visual story about my people too. Thank you and keep up the good work.

    N. Y., USA

    Comment by Wendimu — 23. March 2008 @ 13:41

  2. Wow… its almost too green to be real. Betam lem nat Yerga cheffe. Admassu thanks for sharing the pictures…and the story. Keep’m coming.

    Comment by Kokebe — 23. March 2008 @ 14:52

  3. Dear Wendimu, Dear Kokebe! I am grateful about your comments. I will keep on putting in more visual stories.

    Wendimu, I was once in Arba Minch and still remember the breath-taking landscapes over there. I can imagine how you would miss your area. Please do tell the story of your people via photography. You can use Lissan Mgazine as a podium and we will help you in all possible way.

    Kokebe, I am glad to see your name appearing once in a while in Lissan. You are our reliable reader and commentator. Thank you for being around and for giving us your encouraging statements. Stay connected….. more pictures are on their way…

    Comment by Admassu — 24. March 2008 @ 00:16

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