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July 2nd, 2012

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From two Greek words meaning light and drawing – drawing with light. The first photographs were taken in the early part of the 19th century. It is this pioneering art form, that Sayche’ Durant-Edmead has chosen to express herself in.


Under the influence of her mentor, Ishmael Jackson, a multi- media specialist, she is learning the craft of the photographer. As well as this tuition given at the C.D.I. Youth Project, she’s signed up for a media/photography course at her school – St.Gregorys.

She spoke to me of her desire to specialise in colour, rather than black or white, or sepia. To focus on distinctions in variety of tone.

Further to this, she stated a preference for studio settings and portraiture. The dream of doing celebrity shots, for magazines and newspapers.

Sayche’ was the official photographer at the C.D.I. residential last summer; as well as at the recent re-opening of B.L.A.P. (Blackbird Leys Adventure Playground). She has had a photograph published by Lissan, an Ethiopian arts and culture magazine and Daily Info, a popular Oxfordshire publication, based in Oxford city.

We look forward to further evidence of her developing skills; of portraits, published photographs and exhibitions.

Where as most young people I’ve spoken with, have chosen music or dance, as there favoured mode of expression; she is quite unique, in the choice of photography. A pioneering youth - a young lady of light.

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