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May 15th, 2012

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I know, I know, I know…. many of us are blessed with talents but we don’t know how to combine it with other talents. Many of us are simply satisfied when we upload our creations on YouTube and see an increasing number of visitors and their encouraging comments….. But is that enough?

It is great that the technology of creative tools for film making, photography and music making are affordable today. The greatest challenge in our time is to escape from circumstances and hypes that end up making us even more lonelier than before. Following and being followed by hundreds doesn’t change the fact that we are usually sitting in front of our screens completely alone.

I wan to challenge this behaviour of creating everything alone and sharing it with a virtual and untouchable world.

Are you interested in photography? So let us join and exhibit our photographs in real galleries or halls!

Are you interested in music? Let us combine our compositions and organize a real concert or come up with a huge album.

Are you interested in writing? Let us put together our written stuffs and publish a collection of short stories. poems, essays, etc.

I want to make the the first step and present some of my music composition (below). I am looking for musicians, singers and experts who are interested in combining their talents with mine. I am living in Frankfurt Germany. Please do contact me if you are interested. Looking forward to hear from you….

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