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August 7th, 2011

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A Village Called Tangassoko
to the matriachs of the Kassena, Burkina Faso and to the wise and wonderful Ms. Apu.

It is December
So we the Kassena
Celebrate the harvest of grain.

I love this time of year
To see my grandmother rock.
A gift to my eyes
Joy for my ears
For I’m the youngest of her flock.

Nearby the border
Of Burkina and Ghana
That is where you will find us.

Wrapped in her favourite wrap
Brass adorns her ankle
Ivory round her arm.
Drumming on a calabash
Her dance a movement of charm.

Farmers and hunters
Advice from our diviners
Of when to hunt and when to harvest.

Dance beloved grandmother
Amongst your august friends.
Grey in their hair
Gaps in their teeth
Rocking till the very end.

Old women together
The shea nut-shellers
Smoking their very long pipes.

Our grandmothers gather
To celebrate time and each other.
In a village called Tangassoko.

© Natty Mark Samuels, 2011.

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