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June 18th, 2011

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Take me to Larabanga
to the World Monuments Fund

Take me to Larabanga
In the region called Gonja
Next to old Dagomba

To listen to the chosen one
Read from an ancient Koran

Take me to Larabanga
To the first mosque of Ghana
Made from mud-brick and prayer

To sit by the baobab tree
Immersing myself in history

Take me to Larabanga
Founded by a Kamara
In the basin of the Volta

Firelight whispering
Through the night time rendition

Take me to Larabanga
To that storehouse of culture
Yearly Festival of Fire

Where reverance does not cease
So all can hear the words of peace

©Natty Mark Samuels, 2011

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June 11th, 2011

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Dear Sir/Madam,

In cooperation with the Polish National Museum we are organizing an open-air exhibition of photographs regarding African life and culture of different countries and I’m writing to you for your help support.

photo: Szymon Myslinski

Me and my wife during several journeys have crossed Africa from north to south on the roads “less traveled”, trying to learn and follow local customs, using local means of transportation and enjoying the African hospitality. During that time we came up with an idea to raise awareness of the problems that Africa faces and fight stereotypes about Africa that we have in the European media nowadays. In cooperation with the Polish National Museum we are organizing an open-air exhibition of the photographs from our trip throughout Africa. The pictures will be accompanied by short, positive descriptions of life in African countries written by their citizens. So far we have managed to get a school in Ethiopia and individuals from Kenia and Malawi to join the project. They will write a few sentences about their everyday lives and plans for the future and we will put them next to the photos with their names.

We would like to ask you if you could contribute to our exhibition. I am sure you have a network of individuals around your website (born in Ethiopia, as we are looking for local people opinion) - is there a chance one of them could write just a few (3-10) sentences in English (and send them back via e-mail) on one of the following subjects:

1. What is the greatest asset and value of Africa / Ethiopia?
2. What can Europeans learn from Africans / Ethiopia citizens?
3. How would you like the world to look like in 30 years?
4. Is the whole Africa/Ethiopia the same or is it a place of (religious / cultural / traditional) differences and diversities?

Or write a few sentences on any other subject that in their opinion is important and should be presented to people in Europe. If it is possible for you, maybe you know somebody who would like to do the same.

Or maybe you have contacts with people from other Africa countries who could write a few sentences as well?

We can’t offer much in return. We’re not getting any money from preparing the exhibition as this is a non-profit activity. But in cooperation with the National Museum in Poland we can get the person’s opinion signed with his/her name and e-mail contact details printed and presented on to a lot of people in at least two big Polish cities. We can have your website presented as the partner of the exhibition as well.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes from Poland,
Szymon Myslinski and Anna Myślińska

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