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October 14th, 2007

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The conceived pictures of the controversial reality are glued to my memory. A year ago while I was taking a walk with my nephew in Addis near the city quarter Gerji. Aliike the usual building activities in Addis, Gerji is also full of this land breaking construction fever. The once remote and barely populated Gerji is crowded with newly built apartments. There were too many new apartments piled uncoordinated like huge containers in a chaotic harbor. Construction trucks loaded with sand and soil drove through the streets continuously leaving huge clouds of dust in to the emission suffocated thick air. Seeing that I was uncomfortable, my nephew suggested another less populated and less chaotic route to continue our walk.

///The wall (photo: admassu)///

Amidst the near by turbulence I came to encounter an amazing image with an astonishing contrast to the previous one.

///The enterance (photo: admassu)///

There on our route was this self made construction of a dwelling which was entirely built by garbage, remnants of plastics and stones. That was not the very first time I saw this kind of roadside dwelling in Addis. It is just the weird comparison of the circumstances that hit my mind.

///The roof (photo: admassu)///

The dwelling was empty which gave me a room to imagine about those who built it. To the vivid surprise of my nephew, I started to inspect the construction.

///The door (photo: admassu)///

Each material that was put together to erect the dwelling structure was full with signs of hard will, hard work and undying hope for a better future. Through this scenery I learned too see the unused potential that these fellow lands men and women have.

///The compound (photo: admassu)///

Being poor in a country like ours is not a sign for the lack of potential but a sign for so many closed doors to realize it.

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