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March 6th, 2008

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Alemu Aga’s Begena Concert in Frankfurt


It was a sacred moment and I was glad to be there while Alemu Aga was giving his Begena (David’s harp) concert at the Icon Museum of Frankfurt. It was a closing ceremony for the exhibition of Ethiopian traditional Christian art and iconography. The museum has done a great job presenting these priceless traditional pieces for the German public for the last three months.

Mr. Alemu Aga with organizers of the exhibition

Alemu Aga’s Begena performance was a perfect closing gesture of the museum which has gone even further in preparing additional concerts for Mr. Alemu Aga in other major towns of Germany by contacting interested organizers to host the shows.


Before attending the concert, I have done some researches about Mr. Alemu. Though he is well known and a celebrity of his own in his knowledge of Begena and the art of music, I was positively surprised to see how polite and friendly he was answering to all those eager questions of the German audience patiently right after the concert.


After the show there was the obligatory autograph signing session. Many copies of his well known Ethiopiques album CDS were sold out quickly. I was glad to have one with his signature in my CD collection.


To those of you who are living in Germany, Mr. Alemu will be performing around Germany (most probably also near your town) till next Sunday, 09.03.2008. Don’t hesitate to be there and enjoy this sacred and unique moment because such an occasion rarely happens around here.

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